Temporary Staffing

The team at Rise has been serving the legal community for many years and share the urgency of our law firm clients. More importantly, we know exactly what it takes to serve in a law firm and know the critical importance of each member of the team responsible for executing the business of a law firm. Getting the right person, with the right work ethic, maturity and mentality to ask proper questions and get it right the first time is the priority. At Rise, we have an extensive network of proven contractors that can step right in and hit the ground running to keep you law firm operating efficiently. We are able to identify and qualify candidates to exceed every staffing need.

Legal Document Review

The world of legal document review continues to evolve and Rise stands ready to meet every challenge. Our leadership at Rise has deep and proven experience in applying the best of breed solutions employing the latest technologies, built to suit workflow and process and trained, hard-working attorney reviewers. Rise provides consulting and project management for review projects of any size and is experienced with predictive coding and analytics, cloud collaboration, all aspects of electronic discovery and pre-processing sorting, filtering, and organization of the data and the review of the data. We specialize in projects of any size and complexity. We can manage all or part of the review team and we can also facilitate remote teams of reviewers, law firms and legal department stakeholders. Rise is the only company with 60,000 sf of secure available review facility space to be utilized by permanent or temporary teams of reviewers as well as outside counsel or legal department personnel.