Records Storage

The professionals at Rise Business Services understand the value of your office space and offer no-hassle offsite physical storage with easy contract terms and responsive customer service. Managing your records and physical inventory onsite takes up valuable time and space. Our customized records and storage management solutions provides you peace of mind, reduces costs and is always easy and secure.
Whether you or your organization have hard copies, electronic media or other items and regardless of industry or type of records, you will find that Rise is your best local, safe and cost effective solution with hassle free fast access and retrieval. Moreover, all of our storage facilities are equipped with the advanced fire suppression systems, 24-hour security systems, customized tracking, and seamless chain-of-custody during processing, storage and retrieval.

Virtual Archive

The Rise team has been working with government, law firm and corporate clients with sophisticated data and document requirements for many years. Consequently, there are very few challenges we have not seen and answered. Our ability to create on-line record repositories for archiving and collaboration allows you the freedom and confidence to know that you are always able to get the documents you need. Additionally, we offer complementary services such as scan-on-demand and cloud review platforms that enable your team the flexibility to work anywhere and request critical records whenever they are needed. Other useful records services that support your archival needs include document shredding, hard drive destruction, imaging, and compliance training and consulting.